CBIOs are decarbonization credits, an issued bond that can be sold by biofuel producers such as Atvos, within the Renovabio program. A CBIO is equivalent to a ton of carbon avoided in the atmosphere.

By producing ethanol and energy from sugarcane biomass, Atvos contributes to the global climate agenda, as the use of its products to replace fossil fuels prevents emissions of greenhouse gases.

At Atvos, we have the potential to issue more than 2 million decarbonization credits per harvest.

Did you know?

The creation of these decarbonization credits is part of the Renovabio Program and seeks to promote the large-scale use of renewable fuels in the country, remunerating and encouraging producers and reducing the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, following the commitment that Brazil assumed in the Paris Agreement. With the RenovaBio policy, the government foresees an emission reduction of up to 10% of greenhouse gases by 2030 in the national fuel matrix. Find out more about Renovabio and our program certifications here.