Broadcast Agro: Atvos has renewed the RenovaBio certification



Atvos was featured in the Agro Broadcast on the renewal of the RenovaBio certification in all its units. Check it out below in full.

By Gabriela Brumatti

São Paulo, 11/09/2022 – Ethanol producer Atvos recorded a 4.39% breakthrough in the Energy-Environmental Efficiency Note (NEEA, as per the acronym in Portuguese) of the Brazilian biofuel stimulus program, RenovaBio. In a statement, the company said it has renewed, by 2025, the certification of its eight units for generating CBIOs. With the percentage gain of NEEA, Atvos achieved a score of 61.68 grams of CO2 equivalent per megajoule (MJ) of energy generated, above the average of the sugar-energy sector, which is 59.67 gCO2eq/MJ. The index expresses how effective biofuel is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and determines the Decarbonization Credits (CBIOs) generation capacity by industries.

According to the statement, the Santa Luzia and Morro Vermelho units, located in Nova Alvorada do Sul (MS) and Mineiros (GO), have shown the greatest evolution of efficiency scores among the company’s plants. The first one attained a gain of 4.58 gCO2eq/MJ (7.62% above the figure recorded in the first appraisal) in the production of hydrated ethanol and 4.56 gCO2eq/MJ (high of 7.56%) in anhydrous production. The second unit had the score of hydrated ethanol production high in 4.31 gCO2eq/MJ (+7.88%) and anhydrous in 4.45 gCO2eq/MJ (+8.12%).

The update of the notes considers RenovaCalc, a tool created by the RenovaBio program and used to prove the environmental performance of biofuel production by the plants in the sector accounting for the carbon intensity of a biofuel compared to its fossil equivalent.

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