VHP Sugar - What is it?

We can produce 750,000 tons of VHP sugar, an amount equivalent to sweetening millions of birthday parties after refining.


VHP sugar, which means Very High Polarization, is raw sugar, which is less moist and still has a layer of honey that covers the sugar crystal, which is why its color is similar to that of honey. VHP sugar is used as a raw material for refined sugar, which is known and marketed in supermarkets around the world.

Did you know?

That sugarcane has existed since the year 20 thousand before Christ? Its origin was in India, but it was the Egyptians and Arabs that spread it around the world and created the process of refinement. Brazil is one of the largest sugarcane producers in the world.

Our VHP sugar is produced at the Conquista do Pontal and Eldorado Units. Learn more about where our operations are here.


One of Atvos' principles is ethical and transparency. The company alerts all customers and the general public about attempts of fraudulent sugar sales by unauthorized third parties. Product requests must be made through the form on the contact page by clicking here.

If any person and/or company makes contact by email or telephone stating that they represent Atvos, or any of its agro-industrial units, for the sale of any product, do not negotiate and immediately inform conformidade@atvos.com.