We want everyone’s energy to move the world.
To do this, we have developed a process for
selecting, evaluating, and approving
Are you familiar with it yet?


What is the purpose of Atvos' certification system?

We want to qualify our partner base according to legal, tax, financial and technical requirements. In addition, this system gives us the possibility to help teams with the right choice of our partners.

If I am an Atvos supplier, do I need to get certified?

If you are not certified, yes, you do. All our partners must be certified.

If I am not certified, will I not be able to supply Atvos?

Unfortunately not. Only those who pass the certification process and are approved will have their registration active.

Can any supplier be certified in the system?

Yes, any supplier can participate in the process. They should just be invited by one of our buyers.

Do I need to enroll and certify only the parent company or the branches as well?

We certify by the full CNPJ. So, if you have more than one branch registered with us, you must certify all of them.

Do I have to pay the annual adherence fee only for the parent CNPJ or also for the branches?

Do not worry. Your company will be charged only once, as the annual adherence fee is charged by the root CNPJ.

I did my pre-registration, but I still have not received a feedback. What should I do?

If you have already pre-registered, please wait. This step allows buyers to access your data, and when you have an opportunity, you will be invited to participate in the quote process.

Does completing questionnaires and uploading documents guarantee that I am certified?

Not yet. Completing the questionnaires and sending the documents allows Atvos to know your company better. When we have a feedback, you will receive an email informing you of the process status.

What is the annual membership fee?

The annual membership fee refers to the analysis of the documents related to its category and guarantees the operation of the certification system

Can the annual membership fee be readjusted?

Yes, every year the value is readjusted, always in the month of November, following the variation of the IGP-M, published by FGV-SP. If it is extinguished, we will use another index as a base.

I do not have all the requested documents. What should I do?

The certification process can only be followed by loading all the requested documentation. You can include some of the documentation now, and then load the rest. You have 10 days to complete the entire process.

My company is certified by Atvos. Do I have any guarantees that I will have negotiations?

Unfortunately, being certified is not a business guarantee, but it is an important process.

Do my documents have any validity? What should I do?

Yes, all have validity and vary according to each document. Keep an eye on our partner's communications and always keep everything up-to-date.

I have already submitted all the requested documentation and it has not been approved. How should I proceed? Should I pay another fee?

No. You have 12 months from the date of payment to load the documents and make the changes. We have three working days to review the documentation and one day to confirm the payment of your fee. If you have any documents that have not been approved, you will receive an email informing you what is wrong. If this period is passed, a new annual fee will be required.

After submitting the documents, what is the deadline for certification?

After loading all the documents and having everything approved, we just need 3 business days.
It is only three business days.

I have accessed the page to generate login and password, but this data was not generated. What should I do?

In this case, we may have had a problem submitting your information. Go to the Atvos website again and request the resubmission of your username and password.

A document has been requested from my company, but I do not know it. Who can support me in this case?

Our partner can support you in case of doubts concerning the requested documents. Contact them: +55 (11) 2305-3881.

I have doubts/problems navigating the certification system. Who can support me?

For these cases, call our partner: +55 (11) 2305-3881.

What are the benefits for my company in using the certification system?

Ensure that the legal documentation required for your economic activity conforms to our compliance practices. The channel is unique and can be accessed by all our Units.

Can I bill an invoice for a branch not yet approved?

Unfortunately not. It is necessary that you are approved and registered in the system.