Community Support

*For public entities, it is mandatory to send an official letter.

Are you looking for community support?

Atvos supports sustainable development in the communities in which it operates, acting in accordance with its Compliance and Sustainability Policies. In addition, we have adopted a specific guideline for Private Social Investment (PSI), which seeks to ensure that the actions and projects we support have the highest standards of ethics, integrity and transparency and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the UN for 2030.

We believe that our energy can move the world and we count on everyone to transform lives and the communities where we operate. Thus, if you have a community support request, please fill out our application below so that our team can review it. You will receive an email with a response regarding your demand.

It’s very important that all fields are filled in correctly. Don't forget to use truthful information.

In addition to these actions, Atvos supports social and environmental projects following the Social Energy Program model.

*Community Support Actions: Community demands requested from the company for specific support, carried out with human, material or financial resources that benefit the community.

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