Where do you want to be tomorrow?

We want to ensure that your tomorrow is cleaner and more renewable.

We are Atvos.

We produce and sell ethanol, VHP sugar and electricity through sugarcane and biomass. Together, we are building a cleaner tomorrow with our operations by reducing 2.1 million tons of CO2 in the environment.

We were born in 2007 to renew tomorrow and today we are the largest issuer of Decabonization Credits (CBios) and the second largest producer of ethanol in the country. Our work is always committed to the environment and towards building a better planet for all people.

We are capable of supplying 60 million compact cars with ethanol. We also produce enough sugar to sweeten 20 million birthday parties. And electricity to power cities, save lives and ensure the progress and well-being of more than 15 million people.

Our Belief

Clean Energy is an essential asset for the continued progress of humanity.

Our Purpose

Search for creative and profitable solutions in the production of clean and sustainable energy for the planet.

Our principles

- Ethics and integrity: doing what is right, transparently and honestly.

- Appreciation and development of people.

- Sustainable performance in partnership with suppliers, customers and members.

- Commitment to productivity and results to shareholders and society.

- Serving the customer with innovation and responsibility.

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In numbers

Find out more about our numbers below.
Financial, operational, environmental, social and governance indicators are disseminated in an integrated manner and can be accessed on our Annual Reports page.

9 Agroindustrial Units

Over 9 thousand

100% mechanized planting
and harvesting

Capacity to grind 36 million tons of sugar cane

Can produce 700 thousand tons of VHP sugar

Capable of producing 3 billion liters
of ethanol

3,100 GWh of
electricity from biomass

2.1 million tons
of CO2 minimized