We are Atvos

We produce and market ethanol, VHP sugar, and electricity from sugarcane and its biomass. Together, we seek a more beneficial future for society and the environment, bringing prosperity and development to the communities where we are present, while transforming people’s lives.

We were founded in 2007 and are currently the second largest ethanol producer in Brazil and one of the main issuers of Decarbonization Credits (CBIOs) in the country. We always work with commitment to the environment and the purpose of moving the world.

We have the capacity to supply more than 60 million compact cars with ethanol. We also produce enough sugar to sweeten millions of birthday parties, as well as electricity to light up cities, save lives, and ensure the progress and well-being of over 20 million people.

Our Belief

We are careful inside and outside our operations. We work with integration, doing it together and doing it well. And our energy transforms.

Our Purpose

We produce clean energy that moves the world and transforms lives.

Our principles

Respect: We cultivate ethical and respectful relationships with different people, with partners, the environment and our resources in order to generate value for our ecosystem.

Collaboration: We work collaboratively, exchanging ideas and knowledge between areas, uniting different points of view to arrive at the best solution and achieve collective results.

Leadership: We act with proactivity and agility, taking calculated risks, taking the lead on what needs to be transformed, and creating simple solutions to achieve our goals.

Transparency: We communicate frankly, simply and directly, relying on data and creating spaces for open and constructive conversations.

Recognition: We recognize the commitment of our people, while valuing the result of small and large achievements.

Grit: We see the future with optimism and are driven by the courage to go further, transforming challenges into opportunities.

Development: We are looking for constant learning, we are curious, and we share knowledge and new ideas for everyone’s development.

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In numbers

Find out more about our numbers below.
Financial, operational, environmental, social and governance indicators are disseminated in an integrated manner and can be accessed on our Annual Reports page.

8 Agroindustrial Units

Over 10 thousand

100% mechanized planting
and harvesting

Capacity to grind 38 million tons of sugarcane

Can produce 650 thousand tons of VHP sugar

Capable of producing 2.9 billion liters
of ethanol

3,900 GWh of
electricity from biomass

2.1 million tons
of CO2 minimized