Jornal Cana: With a focus on optimizing inputs, Atvos invests in Bio fertilizer



By Andréia Vital

The fertilizer crisis, aggravated by the war between Russia and Ukraine, intensified the use of biological inputs for sugarcane. Parallel to this, as more options appear on the market, it is also necessary to be aware of the best and most recent sustainable management practices.

Given this scenario, BiomCrop, a company based in Leme, São Paulo (SP), specializing in regenerative agriculture, invests in the development of natural products, marketing biofertilizers that are capable of regenerating the biodiversity of the soil microbiome while increasing the availability of nutrients and reducing production costs, as they can be manufactured on rural properties (on farms) with technology and support from BiomCrop, among other benefits.

“The BiomCrop multiplication cells, called ProBiom Regeneration Cells (Célula Regenerativa Probiom – CRP), are installed on the farms and produce the biofertilizer,” explained Alan Pavani, Marketing and Innovation Director at BiomCrop. According to him, the sugar-energy units have been investing more and more in this segment, in line with ESG practices, focusing on sustainability and cost reduction.

Among them, Atvos stands out, havin