Bruno Serapião takes over as CEO of Atvos



The executive will be leading the process of consolidating Atvos as one of the leaders in the bioenergy sector

Atvos, one of the largest biofuels producers in Brazil, is announcing the arrival of Bruno Serapião as its new CEO. Since January, the chair has been occupied by Giovanni Forace, representative of FIP Agroenergia. Forace will remain an advisor to the company and dedicated to creating a stable ecosystem to enable Atvos to reach its full potential.


Serapião will be leading the process of consolidating Atvos as one of the leaders in the bioenergy sector. In this sense, the executive will be responsible for the company’s growth with the expectation of exceeding the mark of 30 million metric tons of sugarcane crushed per harvest. In the last cycle, 22.3 million metric tons of sugarcane were processed, which allowed the production of 1.6 billion liters of ethanol, 382,000 metric tons of VHP sugar, and the cogeneration of 2.132 GWh of electricity from biomass, in addition to issuing 2.2 million Decarbonization Credits (CBIOs).


Additionally, the new CEO will continue the actions aimed at investing R$500 million in additional capital by Mubadala Capital, a global asset management company. Such resources will be used mainly in Atvos’ agricultural and industrial areas, with the aim of expanding its production capacity.


“I am arriving at Atvos at an emblematic moment of cultural change, guided by strong values of ethics, teamwork, and focus on results and productivity, which already have a strong presence in our experienced team. We will have the opportunity to put this new crop into practice in the crop year 2023/2024, which has just started. It is with great satisfaction that I assume the leadership of one of the main producers of sustainable energy, operating in a segment of extreme relevance for Brazil and the world, with the strong personal purpose of taking Atvos to the position of global leader in the sector,” said Serapião.


The executive’s arrival also reinforces the commitment of the new controllers to eliminate any corporate conflict, aiming at consolidating the sustainability of the business, in the short term, towards the completion of Atvos’ judicial recovery process, with a fully equalized financial debt.


Serapião is a mechanical engineer with a degree from Brazil’s Aeronautics Institute of Technology (Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica – ITA) and has extensive experience in the areas of infrastructure, logistics, energy, and alternative investments, with relevant experience at Hidrovias do Brasil, Pátria Investimentos, GE, and América Latina Logística (ALL). Serapião also held key positions as Board Member of companies in Brazil and abroad, such as Constellation Oil Services, ODATA Datacenters, Winity Telecom, Rutas del Valle, and Grupo CBO, among others, as well as participating as an angel investor in various technology companies through BR Angels.


The Atvos Culture

In the first month of the crop year, the company renewed its business purpose: “We produce clean energy that moves the world and transforms lives.” In this way, new beliefs based on Care, Integration and Transformation have been consolidated, inspiring attitudes in the way of acting with the entire production chain: Respect, Transparency, Collaboration, Recognition, Leadership, Grit, and Development.