Atvos discloses 2020/2021 Harvest Annual Report

In a harvest marked by adversities like Covid-10 pandemic, Atvos is consolidated as one of the largest bioenergy and decarbonization credits (CBIOs) issuer in the country.   Atvos, one of the largest bioenergy producers in Brazil, launches its most recent Annual Report. The publication presents data referring to the harvest initiated in April 2020 and […]

Atvos cheering on Brazil with the Athletes of the Future

SESI program supported by Atvos encourages the practice of sports by youth in São Paulo   Tokyo Olympic Games are happening and Brazil is accumulating medals in several modalities. The feeling of vibration for the country and celebrating victories is rewarding and Atvos takes it seriously participating in actions to support Brazil and Brazilian Athletes […]

Atvos is present in the 14th National Bioenergy Conference

Atvos members were invited to share their experiences in lectures and debates   In August 02 to 20, Atvos is present in rooms and panels of the 14th National Bioenergy Conference to talk about the sector innovations and changes. Organized by UDOP, the event counts on 29 panels separated in 12 distinct areas.   Altogether, […]

Eldorado Unit celebrates 15 years of activities

With a history marked by success in sugar, ethanol and electricity production, Atvos plant strengthened the region providing jobs and infrastructure   This week, Atvos’ Eldorado Agro-industrial Unit completes 15 years of operation. The date is significant for the whole region because it could count on the benefits brought by the company, like job creation, […]

Atvos invests in structure fight fires and burnings

With a fleet of almost 170 vehicles and 700 professionals prepared to fight occurrences, the company reinforces its support to surrounding communities with awareness raising and prevention measures   Every year, several regions of the globe face a serious problem in the winter, when the climate is drier: increase in fire risk in forests and […]

Atvos brings the Ecosystem Restoration theme to public schools in the Environment Week

Students from Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo elementary and high schools participate in initiative that addresses the subject defined as priority by UN to be worked on in this decade   In the Environment Week, Atvos, bioenergy company, highlights the importance of restoration and preservation of ecosystems in order to maintain life. […]

Note – 2020/2021 Harvest Production Balance Sheet

Atvos, among the largest bioenergy producers in Brazil, closed the 2020/2021 harvest with milling of 26.7 million tons of sugar cane, volume aligned with the previous harvest. With high industrial yield (XRE – Crystal Recovery Efficiency of 94.3%), the company reached 3.65 million tons processed of TRS (Total Recoverable Sugar), 1.7% increase against the 2019/2020 […]

Atvos closes harvest with emission of 2.4 million decarbonization credits

Volume represents 2.4 million tons of carbon dioxide that were not released into the atmosphere due to the use of clean fuel   The use of biofuels produced in Atvos Costa Rica, Nova Alvorada do Sul and Rio Brilhante Atvos units, in Mato Grosso do Sul, was responsible for avoiding that over 2.4 million tons […]

Atlantic Forest Ecological Corridor in Pontal do Paranapanema region will gain other 118 thousand seedlings until 2022

R$ 2 million investment made by Atvos in 181 hectares to benefit black lion tamarin (mico-leão preto) population. More than 184 thousand seedlings were planted.   Committed to make feasible the largest ecological corridor implanted in São Paulo state’s countryside Atlantic Forest, Atvos, bioenergy company, is to conclude, in partnership with IPÊ – Ecological Research […]