The “Together with Them” event brings the executive board and leading women to reflect on diversity



The theme has been worked on in a practical way to be applied to the reality of Atvos, expanding gender equity.

More than 40 female supervisors, coordinators and managers at the bus and corporate area met in São Paulo on September 22 and 23 to talk about diversity and the importance of women’s inclusion in the corporate environment.

This was the first edition of the event named “Together with Them,” which also had the participation of CEO Gustavo Alvares and the entire executive board.

The meeting was conducted by consultant Simone Bianche, specialist in diversity and inclusive culture who brought data on the application of these topics in corporations. According to surveys, diversity and inclusion bring several positive impacts to companies:

– Greater employee engagement

– Attracts innovation and creativity

– More assertive decision-making

– Improves financial performance

– Company’s image valuation

– Increases the talent pipeline

But how to create a diverse and inclusive culture? It all starts with respect! One must mobilize people all backgrounds with no judgment, increase awareness, lead by example, recognize and value differences, humanize relationships and be aware of their past biases. Diversity and inclusion take place in the daily routine!

In the days prior to the event, Simone held conversation rounds with 145 female members all hubs and the corporate area to raise opportunities, identify challenges and plan actions. Many of the statements were used anonymously for case studies in search of solutions.

On the second day of the event, Dario Gaeta, executive director of Agroindustrial Operations and sponsor of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, opened the activities and confirmed that this is an essential theme within Atvos and that the entire executive board is attentive and has its doors always open for dialogue.

South hub People & Organization Coordinator Kelly Cristina Parpinelli and Supply Coordinator Ana Camila Pessatte presented the action plan developed the day before in conjunction with all the leaders attending. These engagement and empowerment initiatives will gain an exclusive space in the Avante (“Onward”) Atvos innovation platform so that they can be closely monitored and accomplished.

To end the meeting, Gustavo Alvares promoted a dialogue round with three invited to address women’s leadership and the challenges for gender equity in organizations. Claudia Tosta Junqueira, agronomist and partner of Atvos; Mariana Plass Rizzo, Statutory Director of J.P. Morgan Bank; and Patrícia Moraes, founding partner of the investment platform Unbox Capital, shared their professional trajectories and experiences as leaders of large companies.